Huffington Child Care

We believe that children’s most valuable means to expand their knowledge, creativity and developmental skills are their parents and caregivers working together.  In order to provide a comfortable environment for the children, parents are encouraged to participate in our program at any time.  We also believe that a single learning technique does not fit all children since they learn with different methods and at a different pace.  Our program is based on psychologist Howard Gardner’s theory, Multiple Intelligences.  This theory sates that there are eight ways through which individuals can learn:  verbal-linguistic (listening, reading, writing), logical-mathematical (playing with number facts, comparing, observing, experimenting), spatial-visual (working on visual presentations; using maps, charts, colors, lines, shapes, forms, etc.), bodily-kinesthetic (dancing, doing physical activities), musical (singing, making music, remembering melodies and sounds), naturalist (caring for animals and plants), interpersonal (being on a team, sharing), and intrapersonal (independently studying, being isolated at times).  Most children learn easily with one or a combination of these ways.

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